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Aaron Alexander is renowned by all of his clients as the best dating coach on the planet. He specializes in helping men find happiness by getting more dates with more women.

Why You Need To Talk To Girls

Daygame feels like it isn’t normal. I remember when it was so scary for me that I had crippling anxiety. Hell it’s still a little scary sometimes for me. But I find myself wondering why so many guys come to me and need me to feed their motivation to talk to women for them. I think to myself: “Why is it that so many guys are always saying “I can’t approach”?” I have a story for you:

1. A Tale of Two Hot Bitches

One day I was out around campus with a buddy of mine taking pictures. We see these two hot girls sitting separately at two different tables. One was a hot blonde, the other, a hot brunette, equally super hot. I turn to my buddy and I say:
“We HAVE to do this.” Which one should I talk to? He says:
“Definitely the brunette.” I go up and I say:
“Hey excuse me do you hang out at 4th street bar?” She takes off her headphones looking confused. She didn’t hear me at all… Great start… We get to talking. She goes:
“No i’ve never been” blah blah blah

“Oh maybe you have a twin”

We have a great conversation and I get her number. I ask her if she wants to go on a date to that bar.

She comes over to my house before the date. At first i give her a tour of my house. And as i do this I notice we don’t need to go on this date. I’m like:
“Here let’s chill on the porch” First we get handsy, then we start making out. Before the date even happened we ended up smashing! But not only did we end up hooking up that night, this girl ended up being my girlfriend for a good year and a half! We never were super official but she would cheat on her boyfriends for me, then get back with me, etc.

I love this girl she’s amazing. She’s moved on and we’re still great friends.

2. I Talk To So Many Guys

I’ve been coaching guys for many years and so many guys say “No” to opportunities like that one at the Campus. They see women, they know game, that know all of this, they know they need to be approaching these girls, but all they can focus on is everything that can potentially go wrong in the moment that they see the girl.

“I’m gonna look weird, she’s gonna think i’m a fuckin creep, security, my reputation around here, etc etc etc.”

You need to stop being afraid of what could go wrong. Still feel fear. But be afraid of the missed opportunity. Everytime you don’t talk to a girl that you wanted to talk to, you are reinforcing that you are a man that lives in “want” but doesn’t have. Maybe right now you’re 25, well before you know it you will be 30 and still not be getting what you want. You will not be rescued by magic. You just still won’t have beautiful experiences with women. I have another short story:

3. Beautiful Experiences

I got this text from a girl i met in New York City. We had romantic dates in Central Park, middle of the day just laying there looking at clouds. This girl texted me:

“So much of what you said to me helped me to realize what I truly want in life. I feel like I was living under the terms of everyone around me and what they all thought i wanted” her text went on and on. It was beautiful. Game will give you beautiful, beautiful experiences. So please for the love of god stop being afraid of what could go wrong, because at the end of the day I promise you, you’re going to come out of the approach alive. And there is no bad approach, you’re going to come out, stronger and better. Maybe you’re gonna leave it with your next girlfriend. Start being afraid of the missed opportunities. More missed opportunities will create an even worse habit of missed opportunities It is time for you to seize your fucking destiny!

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