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How To Maintain Your Alpha Male Longevity

I want to discuss a topic that came up in an interview that I did this morning on my podcast the Aaron Alexander Experience Podcast. Which by the way if you’re not listening to my podcast then you’re wasting away your entire life and you need to start. We were talking about how important it is to really maintain your alpha male nature once you start hooking up with women.

1. Let’s Talk About Your Alpha Male Nature

So one of the strongest drives and primal urge that we have as men is the drive to reproduce to have sex. Not only that but also the drive to feel the connection, and joy, and the positive emotions, and the physical feelings that come with having sex.

I mean seriously think about the things that you will do, the ways that men will go out of their way to have sex. Even the way your mind operates differently just to get laid. Well what that does is this causes you to be an alpha male. Think realistically for a second, who truly wants to go get jacked at the gym? And you might be reading this right now like: “I want to go get jacked in the gym” Deep down whether you’re conscious of it or not it’s because you want to attract a higher quality mate. You wanna look good so you can have more sex.

Unconsciously or consciously many of you are working on your business and wanting to make more money. Right now you may even be making enough to survive decently but you just keep going, driving, hustling, grinding, pushing.

And again a lot of it really just comes down to you wanting more women. For most guys this is the real unconscious motivation behind their actions. So these qualities that I’m talking about here: ambition, drive, hustle, going to the gym, working out, wanting more, wanting to be bigger, wanting to be better, striving, thriving, etc. All of these qualities are the qualities come down to your masculine desire to have sex with more women. And so when you’re embodying all of it, you’re the alpha male.

2. But Then What Happens?

So you finally got the girl now! Whether you met her through cold approach, or online, or through friends, it doesn’t matter. You got the girl and now all of the sudden what starts to happen is that so much of that ambition and that drive that you had that made you into the alpha male in the first place starts to go away. Now that your biological drive to have sex is gone because you get to have sex whenever you want you start to lose your edge. This is so common in fact that the general masses coined the term: “Relationship weight.”

What is Relationship Weight? Relationship Weight is when two people that were in really good shape when they met, start to get too comfortable with each other. The harmony of a relationship is so great that it can create too much comfort and next thing you know you and your girl are starting to get fat. You might even know someone who after they got into a relationship they let themselves go. Now that they’re having sex all the time they didn’t really need to stay in great shape anymore. And so now what happens is you lose that alpha male nature.

So first your masculine energies get out of alignment. And then the worst part is not her feminine energies begin to come out of alignment. Now the woman doesn’t feel as comfortable in her femininity. Femininity is as comfortable in the presence and the guidance of masculinity. And so now both of you move little further away from your more dynamic masculine and feminine polarities and you both start to lose what made you attractive in the first place. And it always starts with the man in the relationship. You were alpha as fuck and then you lost that energy and now it’s creating all sorts of problems.

Now maybe you’re reading this blog right now and maybe you’re in a relationship that’s not going so well or maybe you’re gonna get into a relationship soon and this is gonna help you out but now let’s talk about what you can do to maintain your alpha male nature.

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3. How To Maintain Your Alpha Male Nature

Step one. You must, must, MUST stay in great physical shape. Your girl will not get fat if you don’t get fat. I was in a relationship. I met this girl. Now many of you know I used to be 290 pounds. I lost all that weight. I got down to 204. Then I got into this relationship. And during the relationship, meeting her at 204 I ended up getting up to 250 pounds! I gained like 45 more pounds of relationship weight! And that was not a good situation. She lost attraction to me, she got fat. We both got fat together and we would go out and have tacos, and beer, and pizza.We ate whatever we wanted to.

But if you say to your girl: “Hey babe, I’m eating good right now. You know what, we can’t go chugging beers and eating pizza. We can’t be doing this and that because I’m on meal prep right now. I’m clean bulking right now. I’m staying cut i’m staying in shape. It’s very important for me that I stay in shape. And you should want the same.” You even say that to your girl. You should want the same babe. We gotta both stay healthy for each other. We gotta help each other stay healthy and be on each other’s team.” Stay in great fucking shape as a man and you’ll maintain your alpha male nature.

Now on top of that. Step two. You gotta always be grinding and starving and fucking thriving out here. Grinding, striving, and thriving. You can’t let yourself become stagnant in life. You gotta focus on your career, let’s say you’re focusing on your business. Don’t just get stagnant just because you start bringing in the cash. No you gotta keep bringing in new goals. New goals, new hobbies, stay growing! Stay consistently upward. She met you while you were upward and she said to herself: “I could have a life with this man because he’s ambitions, he’s alpha, he’s on point. So you must stay ambitious to stay alpha.

Step three. Don’t ever seem weak. Always be in control of your reality. Always be a strong, alpha, masculine, leader. Never get into a constant thread of complaining with your woman ever.

You can’t be coming home from work everyday with all this toxic victimhood like: “My boss just still keeps giving me shit, nothing at this job is working out, I don’t know how much longer i’m gonna stay here!” None of that. If that’s all bothering you do not tell your girl. You wanna know what you do instead? You make a decision and you quit that fucking job! Don’t seem weak! Don’t seem like: “I am a product of everything that is happening to me!” Be in control of your environment. The more that you can be a masculine, alpha, leader then the more comfortable her femininity is going to feel in following you into the depths. You want a girl that has your back? You want a girl that’s gonna be there for you till fucking death do you part bro? You want a woman that’s gonna take care of your kids and bring you fucking supper every night? You gotta stay alpha dude. You gotta stay on top of your shit.


All of this comes down to a tendency for men to want to settle. Life can be tough for a guy. But it’s tough in both directions. Empowered or disempowered. If you’re gonna be on this planet as a man then you might as well go all out, it’s the only way to not become a crybaby that’s disempowered who never has anything they want. These women in relationships are not trying to be with guys that whine and cry. They’re looking for someone stronger than even them, so go to the gym, keep yourself under pressure, you have eternity to be fucking dead. And remember that none of this shit is impossible, it just requires conscious concerted commitment to what it truly means to being a badass alpha male.

Now if this type of thing interests you, I go even deeper, sometimes even into more R-rated shit especially when it comes to really sexual stuff over on The Aaron Alexander Experience Podcast. You can find us on iTunes, Spotify, or google play just search Evolution Daily or Aaron Alexander. Again it’s The Aaron Alexander Experience Podcast, it’s amazing, go check it out now and listen to it regularly if you want these principles and ideas on command so that you can attract the types of women that you want to have into your fucking life. I’ll see you inside.