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What Do I Focus On When I Go Out To Game?

Guys always ask me: “Aaron, what should I be focusing on when I’m in the field? Aaron should I be focusing on getting laid? Should I be focusing on non-attachment?” In this blog I am going to be telling you exactly what you should be focusing on when you’re out picking up girls.

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1. Let’s Skyrocket Your Results

So we are going to dive into what to focus on what you’re out doing daygame and night game. This is absolutely going to skyrocket your results.

So when guys go out they are always just so focused on the latest greatest technique:

  • “This coach told me that I need to go out and compliment her sandals and tell her that it reminds me of my friend jessica.”
  • “This coach told me that going direct and telling women and that I think they’re hot is focusing on my masculinity and focused on what will work.”
  • “This coach tells me to go out and focus on pulling.”
  • “What can I do right now that will get me the result?”
  • Etc, etc, etc.

Focusing on these is surest way to never ever get a result

So what do I focus on when I go out?

2. Ask And It Is Given

I am deep into the law of attraction and in a book called “Ask And It Is Given” which is a book all about the law of attraction. This book says that there is nothing more important in the world than feeling good.


Because, as the book says: “Any action that you take, you are offering the world positive vibrations, and positive experiences come back your way in response to those vibrations.

So what do I want you to focus on when you’re out in these interactions?

I want you to focus on having a good time.

Game is not just a skillset. Game is not just the same as getting really good at lifting weights. Game is not just the same as getting really good at baseball. This is also a hobby. Game is a hobby. This is something that you are supposed to go out and have fun with. Going out and doing daygame should not be grueling. Going out and doing night game should not be an anxiety-inducing experience. What it should be, is it should be fun.

So instead of seeing women and saying: “What’s the one thing that could work, I want you to focus from now on: “What could I do right now that could be fun?”

So instead of thinking all logically like: “What would be the best strategy here?” And getting all in your head about what the perfect situational opener would be. You instead just throw something at the wall. Write a small list of fun openers that you could use.

A lot of times when I walk by a girl with a dog, instead of saying: “Hey my parents have this same dog, what’s his name?” and staying normal. Instead I go up and I say: “Excuse me: “How much for the dog?” she’ll say he’s not for sale, then i’ll say well what about you? How much for you? She’ll say something like: “Oh my god what are you talking about?!” And I’ll say something like: “I’m just playing. I just thought you were cute, I thought I’d bring up the dog.”

Just fun shit, just having a really fun engaging interaction right out of the gate, again focusing on what would be a good time.

3. Ego Protection

There is a side benefit to this as well. The other benefit is that it’s not just about what you’re saying, but also about what you’re feeling. There’s some ego protection here

The ego protection if I go up to a girl and I say: “Hey excuse me, I thought you were absolutely gorgeous and I just wanted to say hey.” That is me trying to do anything I can to try and make it work. That’s what I thought was gonna work right in that moment. V.S. If I go up to a girl and I say: “Hey excuse me, can i buy your shoes? Mine are terrible, these are the most uncomfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.”

You’re thinking that would never work. So then if it doesn’t work, there’s some ego protection there right? It’s like: “Well of course that wasn’t gonna work!”  But the shocking thing is these openers that you think to yourself that these would never work. A lot of times they’re going to work a lot more than the standard normal route, and they’re more fun. It’s engaging, for both of you and now she actually wants to have this unique conversation with you and you’re not treating every approach the exact same which can make guys jaded.

So when you are out in the field stop focusing so much on what could work and start focusing on what would be fun. It’s the number one thing to focus on when you’re out talking to women.