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The 9 Principals Of Having More Energy

Physical energy is incredibly important for success and nobody talks about this enough. You can watch Gary Vee, Me, Tony Robbins, and feel all sorts of fired up but if your body isn’t backing your ambitions then none of it matters. I am about to provide to you with a ton of valuable information on how to have more physical energy and thus more passion. Energy creates passion and passion creates results. We’re talking Testosterone, diet, sleeping habits, fapping, everything. Let’s crack into it!

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Energy Equals Passion

So have you ever done cocaine? I know a lot of you guys are some good young men and so you’d never touch illegal substances, you’d never ever do drugs. Well me neither so let’s look at movies where people do cocaine. Whenever there’s a guy and he’s doing cocaine in a movie he’s got this crazy surge of energy. And so what is almost the absolute go to topic of conversation in movies where people are blowing cocaine?

They start talking about business.

They’re like “Dude we’re gonna build an empire man! This is gonna be insane what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna be millionaires by the end of the year!” And it’s because they have this crazy surge of energy that they now feel all of this passion. Energy equals passion.

I’m a dating coach and I’ve also always had a serious emphasis on personal development. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re watching me or Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk. You might watch these videos and get amped up. You might think to yourself: “I’m gonna go take over the goddamned world!” But then what happens is you don’t actually have the physical energy to conquer anything. And this is not being talked about enough.

So what i’m gonna do now is I am going to teach you the 9 energy principals that you need to be a successful man in this life. Read carefully as all of these are incredibly important!

1. Testosterone Levels

If you’re reading this blog then there’s a good chance that you haven’t gotten your testosterone levels checked. You might be low T (Low Testosterone) and not even know it. So you’re a man and you’re reading this blog right now and if you have low testosterone in your body then you are never going to have the energy levels that a man with high testosterone has. So when you look at Tony Robbins, myself, or Gary Vaynerchuk. What is a big factor in why we have so much energy?

A guy in my group just yesterday said: “Dude it seems like you’re always doing so much! How do you even do all of it?” A big part of it is because we all have high testosterone. Now I used to have low T and now I’m on testosterone replacement therapy.

Step one for you as a man is that you need to go get your testosterone levels checked

It’s incredibly important! Just get tested. It has the power to change your entire life like it has mine.

2. No Fap

Do not fap! You must stop fapping. Most guys are addicted to porn. You’re watching too much pornography. I have a whole nother blog all about the dangers of porn addiction. It’s so detrimental, at the end of the day when it comes to your physical energy, you just feel weak afterwards. You as a man are driven by two primary instincts, survival and replication. And your replication instinct motivation actually gives you energy to get up and go throughout the day. You might think that you’re working at your job and making good money just because you enjoy making good money. But no. A lot of your unconscious motivations are because you wanna fucking get laid. So the more that you fap, the more that you tell your body: “Hey, thank you so much for this energy that we have to try and actually go replicate, I’m just gonna fucking spit it into the toilet every morning before work!” If you’re frequently fapping then you are losing a lot of energy and you need to go periods where you’re just not.

3. Adrenal Fatigue

So if you’re reading this blog right now there’s a very good chance that you have adrenal fatigue. So what is adrenal fatigue? Adrenal fatigue means that you’re drinking too much caffeine. Coffee got really popular recently. It used to be this thing where people drink it and don’t get me wrong people loved coffee; Starbucks has been around since the 80s. But it’s kind of become a meme now:
– “Don’t talk to me unless I’ve had my coffee”
– “Grumpy cat, I’m grumpy cat until I’ve had my coffee.”
– “I can’t survive without my caffeine.”
– “Less talky more coffee.”

It’s become literally a culture where we’ve accepted that we can’t function without being dependent on caffeine. Not good. There was even this commercial I saw where a guy would go up to the counter, someone would try talking to him and he would be like: “Please I haven’t had my coffee yet.” These people are all suffering catastrophically from adrenal fatigue!

Your adrenals sit inside of your kidneys at the very top of the kidneys and they’re responsible for secreting adrenaline and cortisol into the body. Now what they do, is they actually create a reserve of adrenaline and cortisol and they slowly disperse it throughout the day to give you energy. But then what they do and in stressful time and in times when you feel like you might be in danger or something, they give you a ton of cortisol and a ton of adrenaline and that’s why you feel crazy adrenaline when you’re about to get into a fight or even actually to the detriment of modern society when you get a bill that you weren’t expecting. You now release too much adrenaline and too much cortisol. This will create adrenal fatigue and it’ll actually cause you to be more tired throughout the day all the time.

Now one good way to work on adrenal fatigue is to actually work on the way that you kind of handle stress and we’re gonna talk about that here more towards the end of this blog. But for now what the coffee does to your body is it actually goes into your bloodstream. It releases all of your cortisol and your adrenaline reserves unnaturally, essentially putting the body into an unhealthy state of energy debt with no reserves for bringing the body back into alignment later. So when you drink coffee you may feel so good and awesome in the moment, but later on you feel even worse. Combine that with caffeine addiction and you’re looking at someone who’s constantly borrowing tomorrow’s energy when they never needed to do that in the first place. So really cut out the caffeine. I’ve found what works for me because I used to drink a lot of coffee is I never consume more than 200mg a day. In fact even sometimes in the morning I’ll have these Super Coffees, and you can see on the side of the can it says 200mg of caffeine. And so if I’m traveling or in a pinch that’ll be the only caffeine that I’ll have throughout the day. I tend to live my life pretty manically but you should aim to get so empowered with your energy that you get off of it entirely. Caffeine is liquid victimhood, if you want energy then create it from within, stop thinking that what you want is out there and not already inside of you, and then you will begin to have the energy to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. And that’s so much more rewarding than any short term result.

4. Cardio

Everybody neglects cardio. People think that it’s boring, or that it’s not fun. “Why do I want to do that? I want to be jacked!” Guys will even say cardio is a total waste of time because you can actually be burning the same calories while putting on muscle. It’s all BS. Listen. Your heart is running the show. Your brain and your heart are running the show and you have to be taking care of both. When you have a strong heart, you’re gonna have a strong functioning body. There’s nothing worse than always running out of breath and if you do more cardio then not only will you not don’t run out of breath doing basic things, but you’ll also have more energy. You’ll also have really bad sex if you have a weak heart. No woman’s wet dream includes a morbidly obese guy dry heaving over her in bed. So you gotta strengthen that heart for more energy.

5. Morning Focus

You’ve got to have a solid morning routine if you want high energy. I am about to share with you one of the biggest tips for me that has absolutely changed my life, it’s changed my focus, it’s changed my energy levels, it’s a big deal.

I don’t touch my phone until a minimum of one hour after I’ve been awake. So when you wake up your brain is designed to get up and be alert and get ready to solve problems. When we were evolving from cavemen we were always in survival so we had to always get up, hunt for food, figure out how much supplies we have, guard ourselves in case of attack, etc. So your brain wakes up in this alpha wave state ready and alert to tackle the day. But because your brain is a supercomputer, it doesn’t want to always be living in the high-functioning alpha waves because that requires a lot of energy. So it has a function when you’re watching tv or eating food, or when you’re just receiving input; your brain moves into a beta state. What’s happening in this beta state is your brain is deciding: “Ok we’re gonna use less power, we’re going to slow down, use a lot less energy and now we’re just gonna go into a low hypnotic state where you’re taking in materials.” The brain does this to help just taking in information because you don’t have to be thinking too critically other than taking in the information.”

Well what you do in the morning is you say :”Hey thank you brain, I really appreciate the alpha waves that you’ve given me this morning to help me to actually be a functioning member of society. But I’m gonna say: “Fuck you brain! And i’m gonna wake up and I’m gonna roll over and  I’m gonna look at Mathilda Tantot’s Instagram. And now I’m bored of that, let me scroll on Snapchat. And let’s see what’s happening on facebook. I’m bored, let me respond to this text, then check my email!” You’re doing all of this in the morning for like thirty minutes before you even get to your life. So now what happens is you go from dead asleep, to awake in the morning with alpha waves feeling alert. And then you shove yourself back down into basically being half asleep and then you get started with your day and put yourself back into beta waves. Then your brain is confused because it thought you were supposed to be awake, and then you spent too much time in bed on that phone. And so now your whole day you’re fucking groggy and you don’t know why. It’s because you robbed yourself of your own energy, that’s actually what all of this entire theme of this blog is in fact. It’s learning how to not rob yourself of energy.

So wake up, immediately get out of bed, and don’t get on your phone for at least an hour. Wake up earlier if you have to.

6. Dark Deep Sleep

Sleeping in a pitch black room has a million benefits. My ultimate recommendation is that you get your hands on the Manta Sleep Mask. No, I don’t work for them. This thing is insane. I’ve been through so many sleep masks. I’ve traveled to so many Airbnbs where the sun is just shining through the windows and I can’t get a good sleep. You need to sleep in a pitch black room in order to get good sleep. It’s not enough to close the blinds. You need no light. And buy a manta sleep mask. It’s amazing and it’s saved my life. Manta solves every problem I’ve ever had with other sleep masks. And try to darken your room, use big black curtains or anything else that works, there’s a lot of good stuff out there for darkening your room.

7. Prioritize Protein Over Carbs

Carbs are not the enemy. I used to think that carbs were the enemy. Carbs are an energy source for your body. Now the problem is when you’re feeding yourself too many carbs and then you’re never actually gonna burn fat and you’re never gonna get to a low body fat percentage. You’ll want to have a low body fat percentage, that’s gonna be very important for your looks but as well as for maintaining your energy. High protein gives you a lot of energy. That fuels your muscles, it fuels your brain, you want protein, eggs are a great source, you can get whey protein supplements or eat red meat like steak. Don’t go crazy with things like bread or pizza, or any crazy sugary shit.

The reason people feel like shit after Thanksgiving is because of how hard their body has to work to process the giant influx of carbs. Spiking your body in any way isn’t healthy for your energy. The more that you go above the line of your baseline dopamine, the harder it is for your body to go back to homeostasis. So be aware of that. Fapping, eating tons of carbs, drinking tons of caffeine, all of these things will spike your baseline levels of dopamine far beyond their natural levels and that makes it much harder to stay in balance. High energy is more about balance than spiking. Energy spiking is very short-term thinking and this will not be enough energy to sustain yourself for your long-term goals. Start thinking more long-term. Your passions are likely not things you can accomplish in a few days. So you need long-term thinking and long-term energy for your long-term goals.

8. Mental Diet

So I was saying earlier about how your brain is the most powerful supercomputer on the planet. This is true but when your mental diet sucks you’re gonna be tired because your brain uses so much energy. An example of bad mental diet is things like being a part of too much drama. I love politics, but I don’t like to sit there and really engulf myself in that whole toxic world. There’s people out here commenting, fighting in the comments, getting pissed about other people’s opinions. None of this has anything to do with your long-term goals or true passions. You’re just allowing yourself to get swept away in this energy that isn’t productive and disempowering yourself. Unless you’re voting or you’re a politician, there’s not much you’re going to be able to do for your society in the immediate, so thinking about things like this all day and watching the news and reading tweets and getting caught up in the suspense is just a convenient way to not be focusing on the things in your life that actually matter. Focus more on the things that you want to create in your life and let drama no longer take away your energy.

And It’s the same thing with sports too. I’ll watch a good basketball game, but there’s people where if their team is losing, they’re freaking out. This is bad for your energy, and it’s a sign that you don’t have a boundary on what things you will and won’t allow to rob you of energy. Very successful people are extremely careful about who or what they allow into their mind. You just don’t want to be engaging in too much dramatic, over-the-top, negative energy. This goes for friends and family as well. Any people in your life that are negative. This will drain you and hold you back from your true potential. It actually has the power to completely destroy you.

9. Optimism = Energy

If you wake up every day and you fucking don’t feel good about where your life is headed, you’ll wake up with no passion. Energy equals passion but passion also equals energy. If you wake up with no passion, you also have no energy, it’s inverse. So if you’re taking in a terrible mental diet you’ll start to lose your optimism. Especially when you watch the news or some shit 24/7 where people are constantly saying: “Everything’s fucked, we’re all gonna die, everything’s terrible, there’s no point, etc.” Stay away from non optimistic people and groups.

Negativity needs to be managed in your life. First you must learn to minimize negativity as best as you can, but then secondly you must also learn to handle the inevitable negativity in your life. No matter what, life is going to throw you obstacles and you’ll need to become better at being more grounded. You’ll want to do things like: Grounding meditation or learning how to write lists out about the possible decisions that you could be making. Focus on gratitude and learn how to handle life’s hurdles. If you can’t handle the hurdles of life, then when a small problem presents itself, it actually causes people to crumble. Again this goes back to the mental diet stuff I was just talking about. If you’re not filtering out toxic input and taking responsibility to be optimistic then a small problem in your life can devastate you for weeks or months. So get better at actually learning how to solve problems in your life, be grounded, and meditate. Always be seeking the next positive thing.


So I want to thank you for being brave enough to take the leap towards going for more passion and energy in your life. As you can see this is a topic that I am extremely passionate about and guys all the time ask me about these things. It’s super helpful stuff when you’re trying to be the best man you can be. Overall, just keep pushing. A lot of this stuff is very long-term but there are things you can start doing right away like get your testosterone levels checked or lower your caffeine intake. All in all, this is about the goals that fire you up in your belly that you want more than anything else in this world. Your passion will come from within and your body is the vehicle by which you use to reach those goals. It’s very sad to see a man whose body can no longer accomplish the dreams he has envisioned. I don’t want that for you and neither should you. Come back to this blog every now and again to remind yourself of where you have control and start grabbing the reins so that you can get the things you want.