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Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander is renowned by all of his clients as the best dating coach on the planet. He specializes in helping men find happiness by getting more dates with more women.

3 Tips For Making Women Fall In Love With You

What’s going on man my name is Aaron Alexander and I am planet Earth’s number one dating coach and I am about to share with you 3 massive secrets for making women fall in love with you. These are not your typical 3 tips so you’re going to want to stick around. So now that that’s out of the way, let’s crack into it.

Now when I was younger and I was starting to get good with women I started to get to a point where I was actually able to go out and hook up with girls and that was awesome. But there was always something massively, massively missing from my game, from my life, and from the relationships that I would have with women. It took me countless hours of research to understand what this was until ultimately I accomplished what I will explain in the first tip here:

1. You Must Optimize Your Testosterone Levels

Now I personally am on Testosterone Replacement Therapy. I inject it into my leg twice a week and I boosted my testosterone levels massively. Actually about 4 times what they were naturally. Now you can also go the natural route through getting great sleep, vitamin D supplementation, proper diet and exercise, etc. There’s many ways to do this but ultimately it is incredibly important to at least get tested to make sure that you’re not super low like I was.

There was a noticeable switch after I was on testosterone for just a couple of months where women that I interacted with automatically respected me more. This is absolutely undeniable that anybody who dealt with low testosterone and then elevated their testosterone while they’ve been a single man will 100% back me up on this. It is one of these most important factors for getting a woman to fall in love with you. You must optimize your testosterone levels. At the very least go online and just get tested. It can literally save your entire life.

2. You Must Dress Like You’re Important

So while writing this blog I happen to be wearing a suit. But I’m rarely wearing this, it’s not that you want a woman to think: “Oh this is some high-level CEO.” More so what it is, is you want to dress like there’s a sense that you take pride in how you look. Take pride in your presentation to the world. Own what you are. Do your best to accentuate your best features without trying to hide what you can’t change. If you’re leaving the house every day and you’re wearing just a baggy sweatshirt, some baggy basketball shorts, and some dirty shoes. If that’s how you go out into the world every day then you are signalling to everybody around you that you’re just not that important.

We’ve all been at the airport where we see somebody dressed really well and whether they’re dressed in the suit as the potential CEO look or even just really high fashion you think: “That guy looks like a rockstar.” It doesn’t necessarily matter what genre you’re going for, but you wanna dress very very well in whatever genre that you decide to choose for yourself. That way you signal to the world that “I’m important.” I’m so important that I want to decorate myself.

When you wear accessories, nice clothes, care about matching colors and other things to that nature women notice it. Other people notice it in general but women really are turned on by the fact that you take such great pride in who you are. It also adds pressure to your life. When you dress well, more people will look at you, and it’s important to learn to act despite having eyes on you. Always wanting to be hidden is bad for your game and women will relate to you so much more as they are under the same kind of constant pressure and have gotten comfortable with it. It actually makes you look weak if you can’t stand up to social pressure because women have already done so. This is why women like celebrities. I mean there are a number of reasons women like celebrities but women like men that can handle pressure. It feels relatable and makes you not look weak.

3. You Must Have Something Other Than Her That Is Your #1 Focus In Your Life

No matter the woman that you are dealing with in your life. Whether this is a one-night stand, a girl you’ve been hooking up with for only two weeks, or this is your girlfriend or wife. Women always want to feel like they are fighting for that number one spot when it comes to your attention.

Every girl I’ve ever talked to about a failed relationship told me the relationship began to fail as soon as the man became overly invested in the woman. This is without fail across the board! This is scientific. Women do not want to feel as though you’re as obsessed with them as they are with you. You must have a passion in your life that you are always focused on and that you are always working on. When she says to you: “Babe I wanna hang out with you every night for the next seven nights!” You need to have things in your life: cool friends, passions, hobbies, other plans, things going on, etc.

You need to be able to say to her: “Hey look, I love spending time with you but I’m probably only gonna be able to hang out a couple times this week. You must have something that drives you that is the driving force in your life because feminine energy that women carry within them, it’s natural tendency is to follow masculine energy and having a passion in your life, a business, something you care about, a creative venture any thing that you care about more than your dating life or than just the time that you just spend with her is going to be massively massively more attractive to her than just hanging out with her every single day. And she is going to want to cling onto that, she’s never gonna feel that repulsion that women feel when a man is blowing her up all day every day. Hey babe, so yeah what are you doing?” Women hate that, it turns them off so much.

Have an incredible passion that you are focused on day in and day out so that the girl feels like you’re squeezing her into these time slots. Thus those times slots become more scarce and when they are more scarce they become more valuable and then she will value you more.