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Aaron Alexander is renowned by all of his clients as the best dating coach on the planet. He specializes in helping men find happiness by getting more dates with more women.

The Man She’s Been Waiting For

A lot of times as men when we go out repeatedly to talk to girls and we’re not getting the exact results that we want it can feel like women would rather live their lives than to hook up or date a cool good guy like yourself. It can feel discouraging. But here today I am going to give you the key mindsets that I use to not get discouraged and go out and crush it.

1. Women Are Lonely
It’s true man. Women go out and they meet up with other girls that aren’t their true friends, they live on social media, their instagram looks like they’re having fun, but they can’t share secrets, they can’t camp under the stars with each other, or have romantic nights together. They go to the clubs and they compete with one another because they all want to meet a good guy. Even when they’re with their girls, they’re talking about guys. Even when they’re in the bathroom for four hours doing their makeup, they’re doing that for guys. The majority of women’s outings together are actually about men. Because there’s something that they want that their girlfriends can’t give them. Women want your connection.

2. Sometimes It Can Feel Like All Women Think You’re Creepy
A few women will definitely treat approaches like you’re creepy, that’s just the price of going out and approaching every single girl you see. But I’ve been doing this shit for 8 years and counting now. And the coolest chicks are always saying to me:
“I can’t believe you approached me, I’m so happy you approached me and took me out, nobody does this!”
Hell even when I approach a girl and I get rejected they will tell me things like:
“Thank you so much, this made my day though.”
If you approach a gorgeous woman in the middle of the day and have a great fun little serendipitous conversation with her regardless of whether or not you get anything from it. You’ve still made a woman’s day. Sometimes even her whole week. And that’s a good skill to cultivate because it’s going to help you when you finally meet and approach the right girl. Remember, to one girl your approach could be creepy, to another, that girl feels beautiful, she had a great conversation, you made her laugh, it all depends on the girl not you. Remember, part of how well a set goes is the woman’s responsibility as well. This is a two-person dance. So remember that for next time you feel as though you are getting down on yourself that this feels creepy. None of this is creepy. Everyone wants to talk to girls, creepy is a woman who sees hundreds of guys staring at her all day that are pretending like they don’t want to come up and talk to her. Society teaches us to not own up to our desires and then to make itself feel better, calls any counter evidence to that “creepy.” Just have good intentions with women and own up to your desires. They already know you like them so just strike up a conversation already!

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3. Women WANT To Have A Great Experience With You

Women are here on this Earth to enjoy its fruits, sadly the “fruits” are swarms of needy men who are more concerned with their own personal rejection than actually facilitating a once in a lifetime experience for these women. You don’t need to be the world’s most amazing men to get women or to give them a good time, they will connect with you and like you for who you are, just so long as she sees that you’re facilitating the kind of experience that she’s secretly yearning for. Most women are bored, they shop every day, they play Monopoly with their mom and dad Friday night, they have an annoying little brother that puts gum in their hair. Go out and approach these women, offer them the experience only you can offer to them. Take them under the stars, sweep them off their feet! It doesn’t need to be flashy, most guys aren’t even approaching women. Get out there and start and you will see results. Stay inside in fear and you 100% will not see results.

4. They’re Just Like You

I know I’ve already said this but women are lonely. Women are just like you. They are human. They want connection same as you. You need to remember this because it can feel sometimes like women are fine without you. But giving up and staying inside would be like if all businesses gave up on trying to find anymore of the world’s problems to solve. Women have infinite unmet needs, now go out there and meet them and you will begin to discover the ones that reciprocate. These are the types of women that can turn into real connections and relationships, you can find your future wife or girlfriend out at Target just because you went up and said hi. Women CAN’T approach. It looks slutty. They get mad when they see a guy who doesn’t approach them, they literally CAN’T. It must be you! Now get the fuck out there and go crush it like you were born to!