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How To Get Laid While Living With Parents

One of the biggest struggles of young men trying to get laid is that they live with their parents. It can feel frustrating like your parents are holding you back from what you desire. Well today I’m going to tell you all about how to get laid despite whatever challenges you parents may be giving you. Now before we even begin; work towards moving out if you’re old enough! Getting laid is so much easier without having things in the way that impede you from it. If you really want to take your game seriously, you move out. However in this post will cover everything about what to do if you’re stuck living with your parents yet you still want to get laid. Lets get into it!

#1. Look For Solutions!

There are already are plethora of basic ways to pull a chick somewhere if you can’t pull her back to your place. We’ll be covering some of the not-so basic methods in a minutes. But for starters here are a few simple ways to pull a chick if you can’t pull her to your parent’s place. If you need to pull a chick in a pinch you can: 1. Do it in your car 2. Go to her place if she has a place 3. Phone a friend and ask to borrow his room At the end of the day it’s really all about finding solutions so keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities. After all creating opportunities is a core of game.

#2. Buy A Tent

“Hey mom and dad, I am really feeling like technology is bogging me down lately, I want to get closer to nature. I’ve read a scientific study that said sleeping on the ground is really healthy for you. I want to get into camping. I would like to camp out in the backyard from time to time.” Go to your parents and tell them that you’re getting into camping. Get a tent and design it to be fun. Get a mood light or a lava lamp, a wireless speaker for music, and an inflatable mattress. Once you get some leads on Tinder, pull the chicks to your backyard and show her your tent.

#3. Throw down on an Airbnb with your friends.

If you’re old enough to pay for a room for yourself you can do that but if you and your friends are broke you can pool your money together to get a nice room for the night for pulling dates.

Here’s the strategy. Swipe on Tinder throughout the week and have that pull location ready for date night. Stack up a bunch of leads and dates for the night that you get this Airbnb or hotel. And if they all flake, you’ve got a nice little pad to yourself for the night, you can go out and try to pull a girl back to this place. If you all pull you can have an orgy. So put your money where your mouth is.

#4. The Build A Shed Method

Wait don’t leave! You say: “Mom and dad look. I’ve been thinking. I’ve been spending a lot of time playing video games. I want to have a new manly hobby. I think I want to build a shed.”

The how:
Go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and get a shed kit. Or if you’re feeling like making this a project and you want your shed to feel a little more personalized you can build a shed from the ground up by watching tutorial videos.

The best part about having your own shed is that you can deck it out however you want. Throw a little inflatable mattress out there. You’re good to go. Make it look nice inside, get Christmas lights, decorate it, make it moody, buy a salt lamp, set this thing up with posters, a disco ball, whatever just get girls coming over and say: “Hey listen, I still live with my folks, I spend a lot of my time in this shed that I built come check it out with me.”

#5. If All Else Fails Get Real With Mom And Dad

“Hey mom and dad! Your boy is growing up! I’m a man now. And I have needs. I want to bring girls back to my bedroom and I want that door closed. I will use protection, the whole nine yards.”

It’s important to lay out boundaries with your parents and work out a situation that favors both your and your parents and not just your parents. Talk to them and let them know your intentions and they might just be more accommodating than you thought.

#6. Get Crafty!

Here’s a bonus!

The bottom line is that so many guys are digging, just digging for excuses for things not to work out. They aren’t looking for solutions to get laid, they just want to complain about how they have no options. The solutions I’ve mentioned in this post aren’t the only options. These are but a handful of solutions that you can take from but here’s the biggest take away from all of this:

Look for solutions! This is what game is all about! Stop wallowing in your problems, go out there. Get crafty, and make life yours. Don’t wait until your 55 years old. Get out there now and start solving problems and you will be liberated sooner than you think.