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How Do I Stop Getting Used By Women?

Let’s cut to the chase

1. Always Remember The Golden Rule Of “Getting Used”

The reason why men get used by women is because men allow it.

It’s that simple. Men give their power away. Here’s why.

Let’s say you’re a man and you’re on your grind and you’re ascending into that 1% category of men. You’re getting into great shape, you’re career driven, focused, you’re working on your social skills, you’re always getting more educated you’re learning how to become a better man.

If you start doing all of that then you begin to think: “You know what, it’s taking a lot of effort and investment to become the man I want to be, I am going to start putting a premium on who and what I put around myself. I am going to set boundaries for myself and be more particular about who I let into my sphere.”

Unfortunately not all men come to this conclusion because they never end up holding themselves to a higher esteem. They never even take steps to work on themselves. They allow life to rule over them until it manifests in their relationships as well, they end up allowing women to use them without getting anything in return and their self esteem suffers the consequences.

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2. How To Keep Your Power

Let’s say I’m using a girl for sex. And she’s using me to take her out to dinners.

If both parties are getting what they want out of the arrangement then no one is getting used.

Now if I want this girl only for sex and she’s like: “I’m not gonna sleep with him I’m just gonna keep going out to dinners with him.” It’s the man’s responsibility for putting up with that.

If I’m in a relationship with a girl and she starts talking down to me, she starts treating me like shit And I don’t assert my masculinity, and I don’t put her in her fucking place, and I keep allowing her to step all over me? That’s my fault, that’s my responsibility.

As a man you need to be taking personal responsibility for who you put around you.

3. “But Aaron, Are Women Evil?”

No. It’s not that women are bad. There is only bad people. When you start doing day game, doing night game, doing online game, you’re bound to run into some shithead women out there, that is going to happen, especially as a result of you putting yourself out there more.

Are there women out there that just want your money, that just want to get you to take them out for dinners, and just want to take from you without giving you anything in return? Yes. But there are also way more great incredible women out there that just want to have great experiences with men. I’ve met some women through pickup that are 10 times better people than any men I’ve met. Women can be beautiful amazing creatures but you need to stop painting such broad strokes about them.

It’s actually super important that you give new women the benefit of the doubt of being good people. Especially if you’re a guy who follows all this red pill/ black pill crap. You have to get over this. If you keep viewing women as being terrible people then you’re gonna see through that lens and put that on every woman you meet for the rest of your life. Assigning negative labels on women will prevent you for the rest of your life from creating the meaningful connections with these women that you want to have. You must step into vulnerability if you want connection. You have to remember that women aren’t monsters, that’s someone sister, that’s someone’s daughter. Stop dehumanizing women. If you need to, stop watching porn and start getting out there more and talk to real women and that will go away.

4. Start Setting Boundaries For Yourself

If you’re the type of guy who gives his power away to women you’re not alone. A lot of men get stuck allowing their boundaries to get trampled by other people. It’s actually good if you nip this behavior in the bud early because otherwise you’ll be stuck later on in life in a marriage with a difficult women. If you’re self empowered then remember no one women is worth ruining your life over. That’s the whole point of having higher boundaries and becoming a high value male. You need to have standards. Start by eliminating toxic, difficult people from your life including women and recognize that inherent within you is enough value to be better off alone than with a women who is a liability to your self worth and overall well being