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Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander is renowned by all of his clients as the best dating coach on the planet. He specializes in helping men find happiness by getting more dates with more women.

How Do I Start Crushing It With Girls?

I was just reflecting on my life. And my life today on this very beautiful Tuesday morning looks a lot different than it used to…

1. I Am On Cloud Nine.

Today I got up without an alarm. I got up when I wanted. I started immediately living my dream I tended to my mastermind group, responded to questions and posted. I made a couple videos. I am living my dream life as a career. Shortly after that I went to Orange Theory Fitness. This place is filled to the brim with bad bitches. Then I went to my beautiful new apartment. I just bought some new pillows for my beautiful new bed. And later those pillows will be bitten into by a beautiful new woman that I’m seeing. She’s coming over later and I am going to blind fold her, tie her up, and fuck the shit out of her for I dont even know how long. That is my day today. That is what I’m doing. This is the current reality that I live.

I think back to when I was 22 years old and I was depressed, I was fat as fuck with horrific acne, I certainly had no women in my life, no sense of direction, nothing. Fucking nothing. I even had social anxiety around my grandma because I knew she would ask about my dating and college life. My life sucked.

2. So Here’s How I Got Here

It all starts and ends with one major major factor:

Staying Power

Game was not easy for me in the beginning, but I stuck to it. Starting Evolution Daily was not easy for me in the beginning, but I stuck to it. Losing 100 pounds and putting on great muscle and looking fucking great all the time was not easy for me, but I stuck to it.

So how can you start sticking to it? Because if you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably wanted to get girls, you’ve wanted to start your side hustle, you’ve wanted to start a YouTube channel, you wanted to do these things, but you don’t do them.

The reason why is because you’re a dabbler.

The reason why you’re a dabbler is because you’re impatient.
The reason why you’re impatient is because you don’t see the long-term compound effect that is possible for you here.

Henceforth the mindset shift that I want you to have in order for you to live the type of life that I am living today, I want you to stop focusing on your end goals. Stop focusing on getting rich, stop focusing on banging the baddest bitches, stop focusing on the perfect physique.

You need to write down three to four habits that you are currently not doing and your only objective should be to perform these habits without any attachment to your end goal.

“I am not going to look at pictures of abs anymore, I am merely going to go to the gym every day.”
“I am merely going to cut my diet down to 2200 calories a day.”

“I am not going to look at Dan Blizarian and his bad bitches and think: “I will never be that” I am only going to focus on doing an approach a day.”

Start adding these positive habits

“I want to start a business but I don’t know where to start. I am going to watch an hour a day of Russell Brunson, Gary Vanerchuck, and Grant Cardone.”

“I’m going to watch 1 hour of Evolution Daily videos per day!”

Start adding these habits into your life and you will then get to where you want to go. Remember: Staying power!

3. Now If You Feel Like You’ve Tried It All…

“Aaron i’ve tried everything! And you want to try something new!”

Then I want you to DM me the word: “Coaching”

Now if you DM me the word coaching what’s going to happen is I am going to set you up to talk to Alpha Chad. I’ve just launched a 12-week coaching program and we already have several people that have signed up and I am limiting this to a very few amount of guys.

This is the first ever hybrid dating coaching program in the world! What do i mean by hybrid?

You are going to come to Columbus Ohio and take a bootcamp with me in person, but on top of that you will be undergoing 12 full weeks of additional coaching. 4 weeks prior to the bootcamp and the rest of the weeks after the bootcamp.

One of the complaints I hear from some of my students is they say: 

“Aaron I took your bootcamp, loved it, killed it for two weeks and then I fell off. This program is nothing like anything else that’s on the market because you are working with me for 12 whole weeks including the in-person bootcamp program. So not only do you get all of the benefits of a long-term coaching program: the accountability, the weekly check-ins, the massive growth. You’re gonna be doing 2 calls a week on this coaching program for a total of 24 calls over a 12-week period! And not only that but you get to come in person, meet me, I work on you body language, I work on your tonality, I work on your specific frustrations, I push you into approaches, I make you take the most action you’ve ever taken in your life in one weekend! Again this is my full 12-Week Ascension Program! I asked myself: ”Gun to the head, my family is gonna die, I’m going to die, what is the program that I would offer men that I could basically guarantee results? Basically guarantee that at the end you will be better with women by the end of this program, because if you take a one-weekend bootcamp that is very valuable if you’re already taking action on your own. If you already have that discipline to take that action on your own, a one-weekend bootcamp will change your life. It will be phenomenal for you. But so many of you aren’t taking any action on your own, so you work with me for 12-solid-weeks, including the in-person factor of this program, again this is a hybrid coaching program, DM me the word: “Coaching” and you and I will work together for 12 weeks to unblock whatever resistance is preventing you from getting the girls you want. Right now I could not talk to any girls for months. I could get laid almost every night and not talk to a new girl for the next six months, with the current harem of girls that I already have, I don’t even have to fucking go out all the time, I could get married right now, I have girls in my circle that would literally marry me, and I don’t have to go out, I literally don’t have to go out, why?

Because I have systems.

Why do lottery winners all go bankrupt? It’s because they got lucky. They got a random influx of money and then they lost it all because they don’t have a foundation, and they don’t have systems. Why does Elon Musk turn everything he touches into gold? Why does Gary Vaynerchuck turn everything into gold? Because they have systems, because they have foundations, the same goes for your dating life! Join The Ascension program, DM me the word coaching and get this shit fucking figured out with me, the number one dating coach in the entire world, and we’re gonna fucking sort you out right, I will see you on the other side!

This is your moment, what are you waiting for? Click the link below to learn more about Ascension.

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