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Aaron Alexander is renowned by all of his clients as the best dating coach on the planet. He specializes in helping men find happiness by getting more dates with more women.

How Do I Get The Most Out Of My Interactions With Women?


I Have A Little Story For You

About four years ago I am at a bar and I’m on an absolute tear with game. I’m pulling all the time, I’m doing tons of approaches, tons of sets. I see this cute little blonde girl. I go in, I do my thing, I’m just being kind of crazy. She is staring at me in this way that I perceive as: “what the fuck is wrong with this guy? Who is this weirdo?” And mind you at this point in my life I was literally going out wearing whatever clothes. I had zero fashion. I am wearing sweat pants with Crocs. I was so addicted to doing game that I didn’t give a fuck about my fashion or how ridiculous I may have looked to anyone. So this girl’s looking at me like: “Who’s this creature that has the audacity to approach me?” That’s what I’m thinking in my head based off of the way that this girl is looking at me. So I’m just kind of being crazy, having my conversation, whatever, running game and it ends. I don’t even bother going for her number or doing anything because her look said it all. I probably just went on to approach more women that night and moved on.

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The next day I get a DM on Instagram and it’s that same girl from last night! She says: “Hey! I hope this isn’t creepy but in my defense you did tell me your full name. I just wanted to say that I thought you were really cool and cute and I was just really shy and nervous when you were talking to us.”

I responded with something like: “Oh cool. No problem, you’re good.”
She’s like: “Yeah. So like, hit me up if you ever want to lol” something like that.
I end up going over this girl’s house and smashing within 24 hours.

And that’s the end of the story.

“But Aaron What Was The Point Of That Story?”

The point of that story was simply that I blew myself out. I rejected myself out of getting a girl’s number.

I didn’t go for her number because I thought: “This girl’s not interested in me at all. There’s no way she’s interested in me.”

Let this story act as a lesson for you. Don’t ever mistake social anxiety for disinterest. Don’t reject yourself.

Here’s What You Do

I always say: “Approach to find out.” Approach to find out if she’s interested, Well you can close to find out too. Guys are always stunned like a deer in headlights and refuse to approach a girl because they can’t tell if the girl likes them or not. Motherfucker find out later! What’s wrong with putting your EGO to the side for a minute, and finding out is she likes you later? Close to find out if they like you, don’t reject yourself beforehand.

What’s Going On Inside Her Head?

We forget that people are just going about their day most of the time not being super conscious, you run into a girl and she looks a little disinterested and it’s because it wasn’t this super conscious decision for her to leave the house that day. You’re going out to game, and you’ve been meditating, and reading, and watching videos, and reading blogs, and taking proactive action. She’s out here buying a birthday cake for her little sister. So when you catch her off guard by doing cold approach pickup, not every girl knows the perfect way to act in a spontaneous 5-minute conversation. Plus if she’s catching feelings for you off the open she might not be ready to immediately express it right then and there in the middle of the day.

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Here’s What She’s Thinking:

You start talking to a girl, she might be thinking: “Oh my god I just got out of a breakup a month ago and I haven’t even talked to a guy or have been approached by a guy. And here’s this cute guy that seems very confident and charismatic talking to me.” That could be what she’s thinking while on the outside she’s just nervous externally.

Always Remember The Lesson

If you’re gonna open up a door. Then be willing to close the door. If you have the balls to approach her and interrupt her in the middle of the day, then what does it hurt to also have the balls to say: “Hey, I know we just met, but let’s grab drinks sometime.” There are already enough things in between you and getting laid with the women of your dreams.