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Go From Friendzoned Incel To “The Guy Who Gets Laid”

One of the largest pitfalls that I see in all men that are trying to get better with women is that men are not presenting themselves as creatures that have sex. As man you can not just walk around life amorphously. You need definition. And specifically if you’re trying to have sex with hot women, that definition needs to be that you are a guy who fucks hot women. For most incels women can’t even imagine you fucking them. If a woman can’t imagine you fucking her, grabbing onto her hair, being dominant, really fucking her good, if she couldn’t even picture it, then you need to deeply rethink all of your behaviors. Let’s get into it.

1. Asexual Behaviors (or How To Be An Incel)

So first let’s quickly list some of the common behaviors in men that don’t get laid. This is all about behavior. Your behavior is everything as a man. Here’s what NOT to do.

What Not To Do:

– Have high body fat
– Have no muscle
– Have low testosterone
– Have terrible, dopey, unstyled hair
– Have bad fashion
– Have a weak, quiet, hard to hear voice
– Be physically shaking and fidgety
– Adopt small, timid body language
– Be an energy drain or worse a forgettable background character

All of these things make women want to run away. So without further adieu, let’s get into the cure for inceldom.

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2. Sexual Behaviors (How To Be The Guy Who Fucks)

Remember the whole point of all of this is to get her thinking: “This is a cool guy who’s had sex with other attractive girls” and thus she will be attracted to your energy.

The Characteristics of a sexual creature:

Low Body Fat

No girl is looking at a fat dude and thinking “I want to have sex with that guy.” When I used to be fat I saw the look of disappointment in the girls’ faces when the clothes came off. It’s just not sexy.

Muscular Definition

On top of having low body fat you have to have some muscle on your body, it signals strength, makes you something they want to look at, it’s dominant, it’s healthy for you, there’s an million reasons, you must have muscle, work out, it’s one of the best ways to increase your overall attractiveness with women.

High Testosterone

whether you boost your testosterone naturally or through TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) You must, especially as an older man have optimized testosterone levels. Not every guy needs TRT but every guy should get tested to see what their testosterone levels are. If you are low testosterone then it is very likely that you are not being as masculine as you can with women and thus not viewed as a sexual creature in their eyes. Get tested.

Styled Hair or Bald

You want to have a distinct style, no dopey haircuts. A good hairstyle is one that makes you look certain. You need a hairstyle that shows that you are sure of yourself. Dopey haircuts will not fly with attractive women. If you’re going bald shave it all off. Just own a good look and stick to it. Google “men’s hairstyles” and see what goes with your head shape. Be fashionable Know how to dress properly, be resourceful, type in “Current Men’s Fashion” on Google. Remember all of this stuff is communicating either good or bad things about you. If you leave yourself out of the loop then you run the risk of your behavior saying all the wrong things about you. Communication is not your friend; it will tell other people that you are sloppy, unaware, dopey, and not worth having sex with. Learn fashion, learn how it works, figure out what different styles say about you.

Commanding and Powerful Voice

This is might be the most important when it comes to being a sexual creature. Half of these guys I take out to the club, when they speak to women, she can’t even hear him over the music. The girl’s can’t even hear you. Learn about speaking from your diaphragm. In addition speak with conviction. Use a vocal tonality that says: “I am important, listen to me, I command attention, I’m a fucking leader.” Have this dominant tonality and everything else will follow, I promise.

Grounded Energy

Stop talking too fast, stop being shaky, stop being nervous, be calm, be centered, women don’t want to feel nervousness off of you. It makes them nervous. The energy you put out is a big deal. Again that’s what all of this is, it’s about putting out the right things consciously instead of the wrong things unconsciously. So be cool.

Large Confident Body Language

There’s a lot you can show with body language. It’s super important. Guys that aren’t having sex are showing bad body language. Think protection and contraction v.s. expansion and vulnerability. Guys are trying not to draw in unwanted attention by keeping their head down, they keep themselves small, they tuck their shoulders in, they shuffle their feet, they don’t wan to attract unwanted attention. Stop this. Instead, take your hands out of your pockets, keep your chin up, chest out, shoulders back. Have relaxed posture. You relax women by having relaxed body language. You also relax yourself.

A Curator of Fun

Are you fun? Are you an engaging presence? How do your thoughts feel? How do you typically feel on any given day? You need to start creating a fun energy around yourself, first with your thoughts, when you think thoughts that cause you to feel bad, STOP indulging in them! Short circuit this. There are many way to practice short circuiting negative thoughts. Meditation for example teaches you how to stop thoughts in their tracks. Stop the un-fun thoughts until you are only thinking fun thought. This requires you to get conscious. Intelligent conscious people laugh all the time. Do you know who’s not laughing all the time? Losers. Stop behaving like an incel and you won’t become one. The women want to have fun, they do not want to be bored senseless. They want to feel good and that requires men to recognize what energies they’re putting out into the world. Human beings are all naturally funny. But if you don’t know how to be funny anymore watch comedy, watch funny shows, get friends that joke around. Find ways to entertain yourself so that you’re in a great mood for talking to women.

Commit To This

All of these behaviors are hard to change. None of them are particularly easy. But if you want to have sex with hot women then you need to get real about what is required. What I want for you more than anything is to be the man you want to be. And so I urge you to give yourself a good look in the mirror and without taking anything personally. Begin to analyze your behaviors and systematically remove the behaviors that are getting in the way between you and having hot sexual experiences with attractive women. You will thank me later.